We are MEKONG TECH GROUP, Leading in manufacture machinery in Vietnam, our machine is exported to more markets, we have has a strong group of management team as follows:

Professional management team, Engineer, Skilled technician, workers and subcontractor:-

We have one group Professional Engineer, they worked and working in leading gloves factory in Vietnam (Khai Hoan, Casumina, Viet Gloves), they have more than 10- 20 years Vast experience in R&D design, project management, Engineering fabrication Experience in all type of glove dipping production line.

we are specialized in design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines, and the technical knowledge and experience in designing, fabricating, installing, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines that meet our customers’ requirements on production efficiency and effectiveness.

For Process technical Specialist : they are leading experts who have been working in Research Institute and Universities with more years experience in Process Engineering & Latex formulation design , Turnkey manufacturing experience for the rubber glove dipping manufacturing production

Our company has 14 years of experience in manufacturing embedded lines, mechanical glove stripping machine design, hot air oven system design, energy saving system, well-trained engineer team. and experienced, supervisor, technician, electrician, welder and installer, all equipment is assembled and fabricated by our workers at the factory.
Our factory and can fabricate different types and sizes of dipping tanks, dipping lines, storage tanks, washing broom systems, hot water supply systems, blower systems, furnace control panels, Piping systems, chain systems and the complete set of embedded chain equipment including chain equipment.

Besides, we are also a group of permanent subcontractors, they are the leading companies in the field of outsourcing in Vietnam with current machinery resources and skilled workers about 400-500 worker. All of them are experienced welders, mechanics and can handle several projects of any size at the same time.

For foreign projects, we will deploy a team of experienced engineers, technicians and supervisors to supervise the installation on site.

Our Gloves Dripping production line can customize overall conveyor chain speed and length, dip tank and oven design, and heating system, our glove dipping line is designed and manufactured. production achieves higher production efficiency through optimal use of energies (such as energy costs and the complex solution used), enhanced automation and production output per hour, thus achieving the desired production capacity of the customer; and produce quality end products, i.e. rubber gloves, in accordance with our customer