Glove dipping machine viet nam,high automatic, big capacity upto 40,000 psc/hour, designed base newest Gloves production line without waste air, saving water and labour, we have more design for flexible batch-by-batch operation, providing operability and the ability to change embedded configurations use from small gloves processing factory to big gloves processing factory with capacity 7,000,000 pcs/year. The Gloves dipping machines working continous: is continous working as gloves dipping line with automatic from washing, dipping, stripping with high capacity, this machine is suible for large-scale production.

Advanged Features

Lines are designed by a team of experienced mechanical – electrical engineers, chemical engineers. Applying advanced design method using 3D software. Application of Manufacturing Management Software by PDM (Product Data- Information Management)

The glove production line is designed and manufactured by MEKONG’s team of engineers and experts, double former or single formers depend requirement’s the buyer with many features compared to lines imported from abroad from Malaysia and Taiwan.

The production line produces a variety of gloves such as Examination gloves (powderless, powdered, polymerized gloves, chlorination), surgical, with raw materials from latex or Nitrile synthetic rubber. (NBR latex).

The glove production line is a closed automatic line from former washing, former drying, coagulant, drying, dipping latex for the first time, dipping latex for the second time (nitrile gloves), beading gloves , pre-vulcanization, post-vulcanization drying and automatic stripping, counting and stacking gloves in clean & packing room.

Medical glove machine – MEKONG TECH GROUP

Whole frame of the line is made of steel specialized in machinery manufacturing such as square steel U, I with a thickness of 3-5 mm and fabricated by a team of skilled technical workers, Therefore, the production line has a solid structure that does not vibrate during the operation, ensuring no effect on the flow of rubber latex during the dipping process.

Whole tanks in line as washing tanks, dipping tanks, chlorinated tanks made by stainless SU304 or 316 with two 2 layers, equipped circulating dust filter system, reusing wastewater. Waste water is discharged to the environment to a minimum, and the wastewater discharged meets Class A standards, and is easily connected to the wastewater systems of industrial zones.

The guide systems for chain made of steel, either galvanized or stainless steel, are carefully shielded to ensure no dirt during operation and latex dipping.

Equipped with a specially designed gear and chain system using high-strength chains, special materials for special steel chains and high-frequency tempering and tempering, ensuring high durability.

All Glove Dipping Formers are imported directly from Malaysia, which is widely used in the world’s leading glove factories.

The formers holder is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, and ball bearing imported from Taiwan ensure durability and no dust during operation, and smooth operation

The drying system is designed according to the principle of continuous circulation, the hot air is reused, saving the drying fuel to a minimum, depend on requirement of customer we can designed heating soure by LPG, saturated heat from a boiler or heat from anHeat transfer oil furnace
The beading system is equipped with a specially designed swing brush, Suitable for many other types of fast molds, the motor system and control are designed independently to control speed by inverter

The automatic glove stripping system is designed to operate in sync with the production line. The system is a combination of a mechanical gripper working as robot and stripping gloves by pneumatic glove, help to minimizing the waste and increasing finished gloves up to 98%

The glove stacking and counting system is located after the glove stripping system used in combination to pickup the gloves and put the gloves on the conveyor, which are automatically transferred to the finished product inspection and packaging system.

The electric control system of the chain is equipped with electrical equipment imported from Taiwan, Korea, Japan such as starting from schneider, or Mitsubishi, Inverter Delta, Connecting Scanda system according to customer requirements.
All engines are imported from Taiwan (Teco), Japan (Mitsubishi), Germany (Siemens), depending on customer requirements …

Our line is designed and manufactured according to the new technology without chlorine, saving water and wastewater, being environmentally friendly, and easily producing more kind gloves on the same line.

Glove dipping machine have more model of gloves production line with specification as follow:

ModelGloves productsMachine Size (m)FormerCapacityHeat ConsumptionPowerMouldChain
MEKONG-ESN-50Latex gloves50m x 1.8m x 7m15,000750,000323,000300
MEKONG -ESN-60Latex gloves60m x 1.8m x 7m16,0001,200,000344,500450
MEKONG -ESN-85Latex/Nitrile85 m x 1.8m x 7m112,0002,000,000706,800680
MEKONG -ESN-120Latex/Nitrile120m x 1.8m x 7m112,0003,200,0001209,600960
MEKONG -ESN-150Latex/Nitrile150m x 1.8m x 7m115,0003,500,00015013,4001,340
MEKONG -ESN-85DLatex/Nitrile85 m x 1.8m x 7m216,0003,000,00010013,600680
MEKONG -ESN-120DLatex/Nitrile120m x 1.8m x 7m220,0003,800,00015019,200960
MEKONG -ESN-150DLatex/Nitrile150m x 2.2m x 11 m230,0004,200,00018026,8001,340
MEKONG -ESN-180DLatex/Nitrile190m x 2.2m x 11 m240,0005,000,00018032,0001,600

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Medical glove productine line Mekong Tech Group

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Glove dipping machine viet nam, high automatic, big capacity upto 40,000 psc/hour