MEKONG TECH GROUP is manufacturer and supply  equipments and technology for the dipped latex industry. Equipped with state of the art facilities , we utilize our experience and knowledge to provide our clients with high quality of products and services. With the clients support and trust , we will Continuously expand our capacity and introduce innovation products .
TURNKEY ENGINEERING SOLUTION: We provide engineering solutions to the industry. Form design, build and commissioning of turnkey lines.
MACHINERY EQUIPMENT:We design and fabricate offline machines and equipment, such as tumble dryer, testing machines,auto stripping machine, etc
COMPONENT PARTS: We engineer and manufacture the component parts for the machines and production lines of dipped latex products.
SERVICE AND CONSULTATION: We are dedicated to help customers to increase the service life of their current machines, equipment, and component parts with the best knowledge and technical capabilities in the industry.
We always work together with our customers to re-engineer and refurbish used parts and equipment, while sustaining the high quality performance and ultimately, save costs.
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