Nitrile gloves production line high capacity 30,000 pcs/hour, 720,000 gloves per day, without chlorine, is new design for gloves production line saving 20 % cost for all gloves factory and easy for Maintenace.

Advanged features:

Whole frame of Nitrile gloves production line high capacity 30,000 pcs/hour made by square MS steel with 100 x 100 x 5 mm, has a stable structure, high durability that does not shake, which contributes to the high quality of the finished product.

Whole chemical tanks by SU 316, Dipping tanks two layer by SU 304, leaching tanks by SSU304 is easy cleaning and chemical abrasion resistance. Equiped water filtration and reuse system saves water supply and waste water up to 40% compared to similar lines.

The Heating system of gloves production line as heating drying former, coagulant heating system, vulcanization heat system of the line is one of the outstanding features of the line, the heat is supplied directly or indirectly through the central heat exchanger system and the heat exchangers are mounted directly in the line ensuring stable and fast.

The guide systems for chain made of steel, either galvanized or stainless steel, are carefully shielded to ensure no dirt during operation and latex dipping.

Equiped Glove stripping system, fully automatic glove stacking system saves labor.

The gloves production line can produce all kinds of gloves such as examination gloves kind latex gloves or nitrile gloves, Surgical gloves without chlorine or PU or Polymer

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Capacity: 30,000 PCS/Hour

Power source: 150 kw, 380 V, 3 phase

Lenght chain: 1340 m

Number of former: 26,800 psc

Dimension; 150 x 2.2 x 13 m

Nitrile gloves production line high capacity 30,000 pcs/hour, 720,000 gloves per day, without chlorine