We supply chemicals and raw materials for the production of latex and nitrile rubber gloves:


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1FORMER CLEARNER ONLINE Akaline Cleaner (Free Chlorine)Acidic CleanerAdditive For CleanerOnline mold cleaner: odorless, non-toxic, safe for equipment
2Coagulant Additives Powder Free Coagulant NBRPowder Free Coagulant NRPowder Coagulant NRWetting AgentDefoamer Calcium Nitrate LQ 54-56%Freezing Additives: Helps create uniform thickness for the product Powder-free Nitrile Glove Release Agent Powder-free Latex Glove Release Agent Powdered Latex Glove Release Agent Anti-foaming Agent
3Vulcanize Agent Composite Dispersion For NBRComposite Dispersion For NRSulphur DispersionAccelerators ActivatorAntioxidantVulcanizing agent: Helps to increase the physical and mechanical properties of the product Vulcanizing compound for Nitrile gloves Vulcanizing agent for gloves Latex Sulfur vulcanizing agent Accelerating aid Accelerating agent Anti-aging agent
4Polymer Coating Polymer online/off line for NBRPolymer online/off line for NRBiocide AgentPolymer coating: Helps to isolate and lubricate polymer products online/off line for Powder-free Nitrile Polymer online/off line for Powder-free Latex Antibacterial for Polymer
5Slurry Aid Silicone-Free cornstarchCornstarch (USP)Biocide for slurryPowder additive coating: Helps insulate and lubricate the product Insulator and lubricant (powder reduction, non-silicone) USP Pharmaceutical Grade Cornstarch Antibacterial agent for Powdered Latex
6Filler Filler for NBRFiller for NRFiller: Helps to increase product strength, reduce cost Nitrile glove filler, Latex glove filler
7Stabilizer Filler for NBRFiller for NRStabilizer: Stabilizes latex, reduces production residues Stabilizers for Nitrile gloves, Stabilizers for latex gloves.
8Other Additive ColorTitanium DioxideFlexibleProtein reduceAnti-StaticWax EmulsionSilicone EmulsionOther additives Color Brightening agent Plasticizer Protein reducing agent ,Anti-static agent,Anti-ozone emulsifier, anti-water absorption. Silione product shade
9  Synthetic Rubber: NBR KoreaTaiwanRussiaChina  Neoprene NBR Korea Taiwan Russia China
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