We supply whole Chemical for gloves manufacturing

  • Acid Former Cleaner
  • Alkaline Former Cleaners
  • Biocide Peservative
  • Polymer Coating
  • Powder Free Coagulant /Anti Tack Agent
  • Powder Reducing Agent
  • Protein Reducing Agent
  • Specialty Cleaner
  • Wetting Agent


  • Non-chlorinated akaline cleaner
  • Solvent-based stripper for baked-on stains
  • Acidic former cleaner
  • Additive for acid cleaner
  • Chlorinated alkaline cleaner
  • Concentrated alkaline cleaner
  • Surfactant cleaner for stearates


  • Polymer coating for NR examination gloves
  • Polymer coating for CR gloves
  • Polymer coating for NBR gloves
  • Polymer coating for industrial gloves
  • Polymer coating for NR surgical gloves
  • Polymer coating for Polyisoprene gloves
  • Silicone free rinse for off-line chlorination
  • Off-line polymer coating for NBR gloves
  • Stripping aid for chlorination process
  • Silicone free polymer coating
  • Off-line polymer coating for NR gloves


  • Wetting agent for coagulant
  • Powder-free antitack for NBR
  • Powder-free antitack for NR and NBR
  • Powder-free antitack for NR


  • Biocide for slurry and latex
  • Silicone-free cornstarch slurry reducer
  • Cornstarch slurry reduce


  • Binder for fillers into NR gloves
  • Binder for fillers into NBR gloves
  • Surfactant for cleanroom glove washing
  • Latex stabiliser for NR latex compounding
  • Softener and anti-wrinkle agent for NBR gloves
  • Latex stabiliser for CR latex compounding
  • Latex stabiliser for NBR latex compoundin
Chemicals for Gloves Production Line