Currently, the medical glove production line of medical gloves plays a very important role in many industries. especially medical.
Quality machinery system, application of modern technology in the production of medical gloves.

First, we need to find out what are medical gloves?
Second, What is the role of the medical gloves production line?

Medical gloves made of natural rubber materials that are lightweight, thin, and waterproof.
Application in all fields: medical, food, spa,…

On the market today, there are two popular types of gloves:
Latex gloves
Nitrile gloves.

medical gloves

We have:

Double mold glove production line with capacity 16,000-40,000 gloves/hour

Single mold glove production line with capacity 5,000-15,000 gloves/hour

Fully automatic line from mold washing, dipping coagulation, dipping latex, dipping NBR latex, extracting, edging, stripping and stacking gloves to finished products.


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Medical glove production line