Automatic Gloves Stripping Machine


Automatic glove stripping machine is automatic picking gloves from former, it is automatic and minimize gloves waste in operation, less 3%, combine with single former gloves production line or double former gloves production line.

Automatic gloves stripping machine is automatic nitrile glove stripping machine which is synchronous operation with production lines. The machine is without motorsso that operation is smooth with low noise. Curling, robot fitting Shoumo, inflatable cuffing, robot flaring outward movement of the robot, and blowing gloves into the box once completed.

Machine structure

  1. Curling Device
  2. Synchronous PTO Device
  3. Lead Rail Contorl Device
  4. Stripping Device
  5. Belowing Edge Device
  6. Dropping Off Device

Vietnam gloves production line is developed by MEKONG TECH GROUP with number former 3000- 22,000 former with capacity 5000 pcs/hour to 30,000 pcs/hour (we can design gloves production line depend on requirement of customer ) with Single former conveyor Chain or Double former conveyor chain, with latex gloves production line or nitrile gloves production line.

Vietnam gloves production line is a research product of MEKONG TECH in collaboration with Vietnam’s leading experts in design and manufacture and engineers with 20 years of experience who have been working in factories. leading manufacturer of rubber gloves in Vietnam such as Casumina, Khai Hoan, and Gang Viet, With experience in installing
many lines for factories in Vietnam and having access to many technologies from Hungary, Malaysia, Taiwan … . We have designed and manufactured the Latex and Nitrile medical glove production line with many advantageOur line produce whole kind of medical gloves, surgical gloves, Nitrile gloves from latex and nitrile rubber sources and designed newest technology, can produce both gloves latex gloves and nitrile gloves

Automatic PVC glove production line

Automatic gloves production line is full automatic from washing mould, drying the mold, dipping coagulant tank, dipping vulcanization to Chlorization to final oven and to stripping gloves.

Whole frame of line made by steel U 120, 100, V 60, 50, processing by CNC and welding by robot and a team of skilled workers, sustainable structure,  anti-shake.

Whole tanks in line as  washing tanks, dipping tanks, chlorinated tanks made by stainless with two 2 layers, equipped circulating dust filter system, reusing wastewater. Waste water is discharged to the environment to a minimum, and the wastewater discharged meets Class A standards, and is easily connected to the wastewater systems of industrial zones.

Equipped with a specially designed gear and chain system using high-strength chains, special materials for special steel chains and high-frequency tempering and tempering, ensuring high durability.

Whole Single former conveyor Chain or Double former conveyor chaispecially designed by a company specializing in the manufacture of chain conveyors, Chain for gloves production line, with good quality and high durability.

Glove former holder is stainess steel or plastic

The bracket is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, ensuring durability and no dust during operation.

The drying system is designed according to the principle of continuous circulation, the hot air is reused, saving the drying fuel to a minimum, depend on requirement of customer we can designed heating soure by LPG, saturated heat from a boiler or heat from an oil furnace.

 Gloves Stripping system is is the combination of two principles is pneumatic and clamp mechanism and roller that efficiently and save labor.

With Nitrile gloves production line is equiped Automatic gloves stripping machine and gloves counting machine with high automatic working as robot with high correction, help minimized labour and minized wast in production.

Automatic nitrile gloves production line
Automatic nitrile gloves production line

The line design is done by a team of experienced mechanical – electrical engineers, chemical engineers. Applying advanced design method using 3D software.

Automatic Gloves Stripping Machine