Application: Automatic Nitrile glove production line produces nitrile gloves from NBR Latex, high productivity fully automatic line,  Surgical glovesExamination gloves, whole line is automatic gloves production line from washing former to dipping Coagulant, dipping latex to Gloves Stripping system


Automatic nitrile glove production line with automatic line from material mixing, glove production line, to finished gloves, the whole line machinery is designed and manufactured in Vietnam. training and technology transfer by a team of leading rubber experts in Vietnam, the output products are of the same quality as those of rubber glove factories in Vietnam and Malasia.

The automatic nitrile glove production line has a capacity of 8000-15,000 gloves / hour, saving energy consumption and low failure rate.

All machinery and equipment in the line are processed and manufactured in Vietnam, shortening the time to order and fabricate.

The main equipment in the chain such as motors, control devices, and imported chain molds have high height


Model MachineVN-GP-8000VN-GP-12000VN-GP-16000VN-GP-20.000
YearViệt Nam- 2020Việt Nam- 2020Việt Nam- 2020Việt Nam- 2020
Kind of GlovesExamination, Surgical, NitrileExamination, Surgical, NitrileExamination, Surgical, NitrileExamination, Surgical, Nitrile
Dimension (L*W*H) m95 x 2 x 8,2135 x 2 x 9100 x 2 x 12110 x 2 x 12
Installed dimensioon (L*W*H) m95 x 4 x 9135 x 4 x 9100 x 4 x 12110 x 4 x 12
Layout of chain6-86-888
Capacity (pcs/hour)                          8,000                    12,000                    16,000                        20,000
Length of chain (M)610900640820
Number of Former ( tỉ lệ 1S-4M-4L-1XL)                          6,100                       9,000                    13,000                        16,400
Type of lineSingleSingle DoubleDouble
Power (Kw)487090100
Air compressor consumer (kw)17223037
Heating consumer (Kcal/h)                      750,000               1,100,000               1,400,000                   2,100,000
Water consumer m3/day32404550