We are MEKONG TECH GROUP in Vietnam, specialized in manufacture whole kind gloves production line as automatic latex gloves production line, Automatic Nitrile production line.

We specialize in design consulting for a glove factory with a capacity of 240,000 psc / day to 7,200,000 pcs/day with 24 hour working per day.

We provide engineering solutions to the gloves industry, Form design, build and commissioning of turnkey lines for gloves production factory.

We design and fabricate dipping machine, offline machines and equipment, such as tumble dryer, testing machines,auto stripping machine, gloves boxing machine, cantoning machine, testing machine, lab equipement

We manufacture whole component parts for the gloves production line as whole tanks, gloves stripping machine, latex dipped tank

We also specialize in Engineering consultancy service, supplying and transferring the technological know-how to the customers.

Analyze And Evaluate Of Feasibility Of The Project

Analyze and Evaluate in general the feasibility of scale and process for technology and operation.

Analyze and Evaluate in general the feasibility of economy, stability development and competitive ability.

Report in general the investment capability.

Analyze report, Evaluate the feasibility of investment project in details

Layout of layout gloves factory

Designed layout gloves factory