Examination Glove Formers is made by special ceramic which sets it apart from conventional ceramic products. Examination Glove Formers are used in industry continuously under heavy conditions, in order to withstand the complex thermal and chemical processes involved in the manufacture of gloves, the forge needs to be highly durable. with industrial chemicals, special mechanical strength, high thermal shock resistance, a very narrow range of oscillations. Consequently, a substantial amount of the raw material used to manufacture ceramic forges is also the raw material for advanced ceramics. All of these requirements set a ceramic forging hand apart from other ceramic products. That is, it is being applied under a very complex process to produce the end products, the important thing is to produce different types of gloves such as medical gloves, home keeping gloves, industrial gloves and gloves. hand surgery.

Examination Glove Formers are produced to meet European and US standards. Additionally, we offer customized options as per our clients requests. FormTech formers stand for high quality and long lifespan.

Examination Glove Formers is widely used in the latex industry for the production of rubber gloves for use in surgical procedures, examination, home and industry (PVC gloves),
as well as for the production of balloons, finger cot, condom, breathing bag, and other latex dipping products.


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Examination Glove Formers