MEKONG TECH GROUP is a leading machine building design company in Vietnam, We have technical knowledge and experience in the design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of Vietnam Automatic gloves dipping machine. Vietnam Automatic gloves dipping machine meet customer requirements for efficiency and production performance. Through customizing the overall speed and length of the conveyor chain, the design of the dip tank and oven, and the heating system.

Vietnam Automatic gloves dipping machine is designed and manufactured with advange feature higher production efficiency through optimal use of resources (such as energy costs and use of complex solutions), increased automation and production output per hour, thus achieve the customer’s desired production capacity; applied newest technology without clorin increase quality end products, i.e. rubber gloves, in accordance with our customer specifications, in terms of end product attributes such as Acceptable Quality Levels and physical properties.

Glove dipping line components
Provide upgrade and modification work for glove dipping line
In addition to the fabrication and installation of new glove dipping lines, we also provide upgrade and modification work for our customers, especially upgrading their existing glove dipping lines in terms of production output per hour or modify their existing glove dipping line related components for the purpose of producing different types and qualities of latex gloves. In contrast to a complete glove dipping line, upgrade and modification works require us to supply selected components that form part of the glove dipping line.

Supply and sales of related parts and components
We also supply glove dipping line parts and related components, such as conveyor chains, bearings, old racks, nut brushes and wash brushes, to our customers, according to request and when needed. These parts and components, sourced from third-party manufacturers, are often used as replacement parts due to general wear and tear.

We applied new technology in designing, processing and innovation dipping technology and industrial automation involved in the manufacturing of glove dipping machines ensures that the equipment will work flawlessly for a longer period of time.

Vietnam Automatic gloves dipping machine